Employee Benefit - No Admin Fees !


Accumulation for retirement has never been easier or safer. Small and medium size businesses celebrate they can participate without worry of large start up and set up fees. They Cheer the fact that there is NO participation requirements. Welcomed options to the employer which allow employees to choose thier own level without being hurt if they should leave. Regardless of current position, options remain fluid and flexible, change anytime your needs or desires change. You're never locked in to any one.

Has been available to US Governmemt Employees, Military and the US Postal Employees for more than 35 years & now available to you !

Approved, Installed benefit plan to accumulate for retirement and protect your future.

PLUG-IN with your 401k Benfit. Or stand alone.

PLUG-IN with your 401k Benfit. Or stand alone.


Two levels of interest. A guaranteed minimum and a current fair market interest rate. Use the Rule of 72 to double.

No Risk

No more worries about stock market ups and downs. Stock market risk GONE! Your money is safer than in a bank

Endless Checks

Money NEVER runs out regardless of what you have contributed, and regardless of how long you live.


Cash-out in lump sum or take monthly life payments or any combination. It's your money. You decide anytime.

You Can Receive Endless Checks

Start Accumulating $$$ to retire, buy a home, start a business or other future investments. A Pensionize plan offers you options that give you freedom to do what YOU want.


Three NO COST steps to increase retirement income while still working.

No more admin fees, trustee fees, NO minimum participation requirement AND NOW available to individuals

We have brought back the term,

For decades when people heard the word "Pension" they thought of security.

Pensionize Means Security

Pensions were once the standard benchmark for quality retirement benefits. We can offer options to your retirement accumulation thay you may have thought are no longer available

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