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Pensionize FAQ

What is the total cost to employers including hidden fees ?
Zero... None. Nada.  We understand it is difficult to believe, but it is true. There are no fees to administer, NONE. You won't find hidden fees, fees to renew or any other fees or hidden charges.
What are the minimums and maximum contrabution levels?
Am I required to buy ?
What happens when an employee leaves the workplace ?
My employer elected not to install a Pensionize plan, can I still participate on my own?
Can I do BOTH, 401k and a Pensionized plan ?
I have a 401k with a previous employer that I need to move, can I roll it into a Pensionized plan ??
I'm retired or going to be retiring soon, Can I roll my money in and start getting income or even endless checks for life that never run out?

Strong Employee Benefit System, Strong Support and Easy Administration

Decades ago companies used pension plans to insure employee's security when they retire. Pensions became too expensive to fund and administer and 401ks became an incentive.

Now 401ks are having the same issues and may not be applicable for smaller businesses. We have the perfect option that allows employers to offer a meaningful option that offers tremendous security to employees without any cost to the employer.

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Pensionize Means Security

Pensions were once the standard benchmark for quality retirement benefits. We can offer options to your retirement accumulation thay you may have thought are no longer available

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